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Juneteenth With A Legend

Here's a great picture of Brarailty with Louis Gossett Jr.

Cornel West and Rel Below
(Two Great Minds) 


William Zabka, aka "Johnny Lawrence." And Rel Dowdell

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Train Ride

Train Ride is a feature thriller film written and directed by Rel Dowdell. It was released in 2005 by RuffNation Films via Sony Entertainment.

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Tain Ride Behind the Scenes

Here's a great picture of Brarailty with MC Lyte and Nicole Prescott from the set of "Train Ride."

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(Left) Rel Dowdell and veteran actor
Malcolm McDowell

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Where's Daddy

The question 'Where's Daddy?' may sound infantile, but it's as much of an adult question that can be asked, especially when it comes to African-American men and the child support system.